Copy Playlists between players

Arjen Rinzema

I would very much like to copy playlists between my two Innuos players. It is a lot of work to make a playlist and very annoying if you have to repeat that on the second player. In principle, this could be solved by allowing access to the subdirectory with playlists via the LAN, which would allow copying just as can be done with the music itself.


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@Arjen can you explain what you mean by 'players'? I have multiple players that all use my InnuOS music library, and therefore have access to the playlists....
There are a couple of other threads re: playlist formats / making available to other services i.e. creating on InnuOS but then importing to Qobuz, Apple or Tidal for example for use 'on the go'.

Worth checking these out to see if it's the same request or different...

Expose Playlists to Sonos/UPnP

Export Innuos Sense Playlists to Qobuz


Arjen Rinzema

I use two players, and both of them have a local library. I can synchronize the music, but I cannot synchronize the local playlists. That is what I would like to be able to do.

Storing the playlists in a standard format in an accessible directory would solve the problem. Indicating where they are stored by Sense and allowing access to this directory via the LAN could also work for me.


Nuno Vitorino

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