Ignore creation of Album Artists from Compilation Albums

Nuno Vitorino

Currently, whenever an album is set as Compilation but the Album Artist metadata is also set, innuOS also creates an entry on the Artists view under Album Artists. This creates a proliferation of artists whereas they are not really album artists in this case. The proposal is then to ignore Album Artists when the compilation flag is set.


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I can see pros and cons for this... as a dance music fan, many compilations are created / compiled by a specific DJ, and having that artist searchable is very useful i.e. find all albums compiled by a certain DJ. If the artist is not going to be in the Album Artist view, then can they at least be in the 'all artist' view so that you can pull back the related albums??

Right now, I think the All Artist view, only shows track level artists.

Another approach might be to have an additional filter, for 'compilation artists'.