"offline mode" shortcut

Caspar Muschalek

I think it would be great to have a shortcut tu turn ON the "offline mode"
(in the same way you can turn it off).

It would make it much more easier to toggle between on and offline modes.



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Stephen Healy

Hi Caspar, out of curiosity could you elaborate on why you would be frequently turning this mode on and off?
The original implementation came with the expectation that it would usually be set just once and left that way for some very specific network/user scenarios.


Caspar Muschalek

Hi Stephen,
I listen to both files on the HDD of my Zen Mk3 and Qobuz. 
Usually, on Sunday mornings, I scroll through the new albums and recommendations; listen to some pieces here and there, and then I will settle and listen to an album. 
When it is an album I have on the Zen I will switch to "offline mode" because I have the impression it sounds slightly better. 
And also, sometimes it's just good to restrict yourself to the albums you have and avoid to continuously skipping from one track to the other.. 
best regards,

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Stephen Healy

The Offline Mode was more a feature of convenience so that the server would not try to connect to streaming services or link associated music to artists/albums through said streaming services. That said, the server is still active on the network for the benefit of Sense control, music shares, NAS drives etc so we never felt there was audio benefits to this feature.
Also, if only wanting to see your local files only then the filtering mechanism on the library view can quickly provide that for you.
Will leave this open for voting to see if others feel a potential benefit in this.


Mike Hughes

I agree with Caspar here. I detect a small change for the better in Offline mode with my Zenith and never perceived it as being a set once function. The only reason I don't use it all the time with local files is that it means switching pages to get to it.

I suspect that if it were to be relocated so that it appeared whenever local files were selected Innuos would find it gets a lot more use.