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Alfredo Mayol

The volume bar and/or buttons should completely disappear when used Innuos Pulse as a pure music server, I would really only understand the volume adjustment when using the internal DAC. There should be a selector in settings to enable volume or leave it fixed. Also we don't know how the volume adjustment within the digital realm of the Pulse affects the quality.
For those needs we already have analog preamplifiers or DACs with a digital preamplifier function and its corresponding volume control. In my case, for example, RME ADI 2 and Chord DAVE.


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Mike Hughes

No idea why I’ve only just noticed this one but, yes, it would be really useful to have something in the Settings whereby I could just disable the volume control. Two reasons for me:

1 - it’s always at 100% when it goes into my Chord DAC.
2 - the Sense app or myinnuos.com is used by other family members and also visitors. I know what the volume does but they don’t always. Removing it ends the issue.


Steven Dorfman

I would love to also disable the volume control so I don't have to worry about accidently touching the volume control.


Stephen Healy

Status changed to: Open


Stephen Healy

We can promise that 100% volume is indeed bitperfect passthrough and no DSP is applied. Example; if playing an MQA file, the second you deviate from 100% you 'break' the encoder due a change in the bitstream and MQA will not work. But it does work at 100% because it is in its 'native' bit perfect state.
So, the question is if a volume defeat is simply just visually useful, or prevents situations perhaps where someone else (friends, family etc) use the system and decide to manage the volume on the app rather than the amplifier?
With the introduction of Sense UPnP and sending audio out to other devices like smart speakers and so on, this does further complicate the situation where you would mostly definitely have to reinstate the volume control.


Stephen Healy

Status changed to: Under review


Ivan R

Provide a setting (in player settings?) for disabling
the volume control. This is currently possible from the logitec media server configuration page but this way it is quite cumbersome. Thanks a lot

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Stephen Healy

Merged with: Setting for disabling digital volume control


Single Sequence

I don't want Innuos to control the volume of my FLAC files. I would like to have clean, "bit perfect" digital stream to my DAC.
With the volume at 100% there theoretically "is" no processing. However, the very fact that this functionality is there, is an indication of DSP present. This goes against all principles of high-quality digital stream.
Please, give users the possibility to programmatically and visually bypass completely (!!!) any signal processing along the whole signal path from disk to USB output.
For audio purists (who are ready to pay more for bit-perfect signal), it is very important to see that any DSP is "really" disabled. A separate setting with a checkbox and resulting icon in the lower right-hand corner with the word DSP crossed out should be sufficient.



Stephen Healy

Merged with: Add control to definitely disable DSP (volume slider) for non-DSD files


Gady Sapir

For me this function important too, thank you.


Nuno Vitorino

Hi Ivan,

Disabling the volume control is the same as keeping it on 100%. IMO, not worth doing a switch specific for this that will lock out the volume control. But I shall leave it here for voting!