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Add ability to use convolution filters for room correction


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Colin Goble

Would be nice to have (separately from Roon Core), but I was under the impression that the heavy processing needed for such a feature to be fully developed or exploited was not currently within the existing hardware spec. Some Innuos users who have invested towards the higher end of the ZEN... range might be concerned that this could degrade the fundamental audio quality.


Dave B

One other possible solution would be Dirac Live Room Correction which can be licensed also. I do not know whether it is Linear Phase though.


Dave B

Given that the Hifi 'Room' negatively affects the 'linear frequency' and by default, 'natural dynamics' of our Hifi sound more than any component ever could (including loudspeakers), it would be very useful to have a built-in Parametric EQ with the Innous Operating System to correct room nulls and other anomalies. In my experience the closer I get to linear frequency response the more enjoyable my whole music library sounds from a musicality pov.

These days Pro digital Parametric EQ's are 'Zero Latency' and most importantly can be run in 'Linear Phase' mode (which would be impossible with the analogue parametric EQ's). They are cheap too and I feel sure a 'lite' version of something like 'FabFilter Pro-Q 3' or a Waves product could be licensed at reasonable cost. Maybe there is even a way to automate the process of correction in the way B&W DB Subwoofers do. I would have thought something like 5 to 7 EQ capacity would suffice.

Testing your room is also easy these days. I use SonarWorks Reference 4. It comes with a Microphone and is automatically corrected for the character of the Microphone used. It is very easy to use. Idiot-proof in fact.

From a commercial point of view, I would think this feature would even encourage existing Laptop streamers to migrate to the superior sound of Innuos. From comments made on forums, many still rely on their PC servers for the convenience of using a parametric eq in the PC streaming software.

I hope this request is given consideration by Innuos as I think it would facilitate a major SQ improvement for most people. I have a dedicated HIFI room with full acoustic treatment but it could still be refined further with a good Phase Linear EQ.


Jose Vita

Turning point for abandoning Roon. I have to keep zenith as Roon core just to run my covolution filters

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Adding the capability for room correction would make up my mind to purchase your server. Thanks for considering this.

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José Miguel Moragues

I think many of us spend thousands of euros to improve our equipment without being aware that the link in the chain that most influences the final result is our own listening room. Until we measure the response of our room at the listening point with a calibrated microphone and we see it reflected in a graph, we are not aware of it. Those peaks and valleys that we see are what is received at the listening point after having bounced off walls, windows, ceiling and floor. All of this can be partially fixed by placing absorbent panels and diffusers, (those who are lucky enough to have a dedicated room), but most of us share the listening room with dining room, living room, etc. and the options are almost nil. Our only solution is to use programs that, by measuring the results, create filters, regularize phase and, later, convolve them using DSP. That is the only reason I still use the Roon App. Let me suggest if it is feasible for Innuos Sense to incorporate it in future updates. Kind regards.


Nuno Vitorino

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