Now Playing Screen not showing the actual track being played

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Tiago Lopes

We have detected an issue where the Now Playing screen stops updating the track currently being played. This happens when the Sense app goes to the background or when running on a browser window, the tab is changed or the window minimized. As a workaround, you can close the Sense App and re-open or if on a browser, refresh the browser window. This is expected to be fixed in version 2.2.


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Rob Dales

2.2 Tidal track playing doesn't advance



I've been having this issue for a few weeks now. I'd updated to 2.2 maybe around same time. Don't know for sure. What's the fix?



I have the exact same problem now with 2.2.1
It occurs with sense on a PC and an IPad as well.



I'm also seeing this issue more frequently in version 2.2.0, especially with Tidal playlists... the now playing screen is not being updated. Not sure if it was fixed in a previous version but if so, it looks like it's regressed in 2.2.0



I just updated to 2.2.0 today and now suddenly I have this problem (no update on now playing screen) Not on the app (ipad ios 15.7) and not in the brower (not in edge, not in firefox and not in chrome, tried all 3). Refresh or reload does not solve anything. I see this problem is old and should be fixed in 2.2.0 but again, before no problem now suddenly I have. How can it be solved? Any suggestions?


Andy Kennedy

Seeing a similar issue with Radio Paradise... now playing gets stuck on a track and refresh of browser etc doesn't resolve


Arjen Rinzema

I have a similar problem: the Queue sometimes shows the wrong album cover and sometimes also the wrong track info. I mainly use Win10/Chrome. Hard to say what triggers this.


Tiago Lopes

Fixed in version 2.1.1


Tiago Lopes

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Nuno Vitorino

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