When on small screens, playlists tracks can be difficult to navigate

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Tiago Lopes

There is an issue with version 2.2.0 where the track list in a playlist can be confined to the bottom of the screen, making it hard to view the tracks.
This will be fixed in the next release.


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Nuno Vitorino

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Tiago Lopes

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I just updated to 2.2.0 today and now suddenly I have this problem (no update on now playing screen) Not on the app (ipad ios 15.7) and not in the brower (not in edge, not in firefox and not in chrome, tried all 3). Refresh or reload does not solve anything. I see this problem is old and should be fixed in 2.2.0 but again, before no problem now suddenly I have. How can it be solved? Any suggestions?