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    Stephen Healy
  • on 21-05-2024

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InnuOS - release 2.6.3

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    Stephen Healy
  • on 29-04-2024


  • - Improved Artist Official Discography display for Qobuz
  • - Now it is possible to create and play playlists with up to 10000 tracks
  • - Now it is possible to add a NAS shared folder without scanning it immediately
  • - Now it is possible to edit Qobuz playlists directly in Sense

Bug fixes and improvements

  • - Solved issues when importing Playlists with NAS tracks
  • - Solved issues regarding splitting a compilation album where the original album would disappear
  • - Fixed issue where Sense App was not finding a server on the network if server is not connected to the Internet
  • - Fixed issues in Factory Reset when using languages other than English
  • - Fixed issue accessing long playlists that caused the wrong playlist to be displayed
  • - Fixed issue that caused the wrong information to be displayed when editing several Artists in succession
  • - Fixed issue in update if the system was in Endpoint mode where the Home Page would be displayed
  • - Fixed issues when importing a playlist that cause the operation to fail if a track could not be processed
  • - Fixed an issue when editing tracks in the Now Playing queue, the wrong track would sometimes be removed.
  • - Improved the performance for library operations, namely editing artists and deleting NAS albums
  • - Improved streaming service login and account management
  • - Improved user experience for creating a new Playlist for a streaming service
  • - Improved the virtual keyboard experience when searching Albums, Artists, Tracks and Playlists
  • - Improved shuffle time for TIDAL playlists
  • - Improvements on Contact Support on innuOS

    InnuOS - release 2.6.2

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      Stephen Healy
    • on 28-02-2024

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused TIDAL to be temporarily unavailable while playing
    • Fixed an issue when playing back some ALAC files
    • Fixed an issue regarding Player connection

    InnuOS - release 2.6.1

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      Stephen Healy
    • on 19-02-2024

    Features and improvements
    - Improved connection times for systems with multiple NAS Shared Folders configured

    Bug fixes
    - Fixed an issue that caused a crash when opening a NAS Album with multiple discs
    - Fixed an issue that prevented Backup from running
    - Fixed an issue that made the app to return to Home Page unwantedly
    - Fixed an issue that caused systems in Endpoint Mode not to be selectable for playback

    InnuOS - release 2.6.0

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      Stephen Healy
    • on 31-01-2024

    New Streaming Services, Multi-language Support, New NAS and USB features

    Features and Improvements

    Added Deezer streaming service
    Added support for TIDAL Max (May require to logout and login from TIDAL)
    Added (beta) support for French, German, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
    Added support for multiple NAS Shared Folders
    Optimised Rescanning on NAS Shared Folders
    Optimised Album opening time when stored on NAS
    Navigate folders and play music from connected USB drives
    Added native support for 32bit WAV files encoded in floating point
    Added native support for WAV and AIFF files with sampling rates higher than 384 kHz
    Improved A-Z Index navigation slider for Albums and Artists
    Fine adjustment of sound volume using + / - buttons
    Customise the layout of Music View
    Improved UI for Now Playing screen
    Improved Album saving time after editing
    Qobuz album's edition/version is now shown when available

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed playback issues with WAV and AIFF files
    Fixed a problem that made it impossible to restore from a backup created before version 2.5.0
    Improved folder navigation and search responsiveness
    Fixed an issue where opening an album in Artist page and going back would take you to the top of the page
    Fixed an issue when changing the System from Roon Core to Innuos Standalone that caused the local library to become inaccessible.
    Fixed an issue that made impossible to merge tags that had more than 1000 tracks
    Fixed TIDAL login in SENSE mobile app
    Fixed an issue that prevented some Qobuz purchased tracks to be played
    Fixed an issue where some tracks from Qobuz would show greyed out
    General performance improvements and fixes

    InnuOS - release 2.5.1

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      Stephen Healy
    • on 23-10-2023

    Hotfix for WAV playback issues introduced in 2.5.0

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed playback of some WAV files cutting off at the last seconds of the track (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)

    InnuOS - release 2.5.0

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      Stephen Healy
    • on 16-10-2023

    innuOS v2.5.0 introduces some new features for Import/Export Playlists and Backup. Playback and UX Improvements.

    Features & Improvements:

    • Now supports 32bit floating-point encoded WAV files
    • Export Playlists, including links to Qobuz and TIDAL tracks
    • Import Playlists, including name, description, files and links to streaming services
    • New UI for Backup / Restore
    • Independently choose between restoring the Music Library Database, Music Library files or both
    • Restore now supports migration to a new system model (Ex: from a ZENmini to a ZENith or a PULSE to a ZEN)
    • Qobuz album booklets are now displayed if available
    • 'Play Smart Mix' now available from a filtered Artists list.
    • Now supports connecting USB drives in Roon Mode to allow Roon Library backups
    • Automatically close keyboard on mobile devices when using Search

    Bug fixes:

    • Tracks from CDs ripped in WAV don't have metadata on file (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • Resyncing Qobuz can cause several duplicates (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • Some Purchased tracks/albums on Qobuz are not able to be played (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • Some WAV files are not recognised or not displaying sample rate / total time (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • When editing Artist, Get Info from web doesn't get the changed artist name
    • Allow for backups with case collisions on the same folder
    • The app becomes unresponsive after changing the album title and applying an online cover
    • Missing the 'Play Smart Mix' button in album page
    • Incorrect alphabetical order in 'play folder'
    • It is not possible to remove Tidal tracks when logged out of Tidal
    • Qobuz - Not rendering accented characters correctly
    • AIFF in High Resolution in 48KHz multiples cannot be edited
    • Other small bug fixes and performance improvement

    InnuOS - release 2.4.6

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      Stephen Healy
    • on 10-08-2023

    Bug Fix

    • Innuos systems were not visible in Roon App when running Roon modes

    InnuOS - release 2.4.5

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      Stephen Healy
    • on 09-08-2023

    New Features and Improvements

    • New Tags view on Music allowing to navigate the library by tag
    • Search and sort tags alphabetically or by number of albums on each tag
    • Show Albums, Album Artists, All Artists and Composers by tag
    • Select two or more tags and merge them into one, updating all relevant files
    • UI Improvements on Artist, Album and Playlist pages
    • It's now faster to add streaming services tracks to playlists and the queue
    • Improved loading time of Smart Mixes with music from Shared Folder
    • Streaming Services Home Widget now goes directly to streaming services management page

    Bug Fixes

    • Overlaid button on iOS (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • SENSE app not recovering after device going to sleep when in Roon mode (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • Album filters totals are incorrect when changes are made while filters are selected (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • Clicking in (?) on 'Add Shared Folder' will cause the UI to crash (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • Editing Albums with M4A tracks fails to save track number (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • In the SENSE app home page, horizontal swipe triggers vertical movement (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
    • Some WAV tracks are listed as compressed
    • Accessing track info to the HRA tracks, in duration displays NaN:NaN
    • Accessing Artists and Albums on HRA and back keeps loading the page
    • Tracks added to library from Qobuz lack the option to add to favourite
    • Clear UPnP database is not working
    • MQA Tracks with commas in the path are always decoded
    • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

    InnuOS - release 2.4.1

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      Tiago Lopes
    • on 05-06-2023

    Bug Fixes:

    • Changed sorting By Added Date and By Date on Albums View from ascending to descending order
    • We improved system resilience when probing DACs for MQA capabilities and some critical errors are returned
    • HRA connection failed messages have been suppressed

    InnuOS - release 2.4.0

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      Tiago Lopes
    • on 15-05-2023

    New Features and Improvements

    • You now have HIGHRESAUDIO streaming service integration
    • You now can multi select Albums to play a mix, add to queue, play next, add to playlist, set as compilation and set as multiformat
    • You can now filter Albums by compilation
    • Albums can now be split
    • Albums can now be sorted by added date and album date
    • Artists can now be merged using the multi select option
    • An Artist can now be renamed
    • Artists now have filters for improved navigation
    • You now have information about the MQA capabilities of the DAC in the audio settings
    • When a new DAC is connected the MQA setting is automatically selected according to the DAC capabilities
    • Background tasks now resume after a reboot instead of restarting the task

    Bug Fixes:

    • Now asset UPnP won't be automatically enabled after an update
    • Fixed an issue where Albums cards did not have the correct spacing in card view
    • Fixed an issue where changing an Album cover in CD ripping assisted mode, would not save the cover in the track files
    • Fixed and issue where tracks spacing in the track list was largen that ussual
    • Fixed an issue where the storage buttons had an incorrect layout
    • Fixed an issue where the UPnP profile selector ad an incorrect layout
    • Fixed an issue where flac files with null characters in the track number metadata, didn't show any track number
    • MQA tracks in a NAS drive can now be correctly played
    • Fixed an issue where and alum in ALAC format, can now be set as compilation
    • Fixed an issue where some Qobuz tracks display the incorrect quality
    • Fixed an issue where the DAC name could overflow the UI container
    • Fixed an issue where disconnecting a DAC would cause some action to crash the UI
    • Fixed an issue where the navigating between Artist pages would nor reset the scroll to top
    • Fixed an issue where in mobile, the filter checkboxes where cropped
    • Fixed an issue where returning from an object in the 'My Collection' section would loose scroll position
    • Fixed an issue where playing playlists with missing tracks would also skip viable tracks
    • Fixed an issue that caused Auto Select not to work in PULSE systems
    • Fixed an issue where playlists with missing tracks from old TIDAL implementation, would cause the cause a fetch information cycle to never end
    • Fixed an issue where scrubbing TIDAL AAC tracks would cause them to restart
    • Fixed an issue where a server task would cause the entire page to shift left
    • Fixed an issue where after a factory reset, the system would not play AAC tracks

    InnuOS - release 2.3.5

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      Tiago Lopes
    • on 21-03-2023

    New Features and Improvements

    • The system displays a message when a new version of innuOS is available, making it easier to keep the system up to date
    • The system also adds a server event when a new version of innuOS is available
    • General performance and stability improvements
    • General UI and UX improvements

    Bug Fixes:

    • BBC Sounds presets can now be played
    • Solved an issue when adding Qobuz or TIDAL tracks to a playlist would result in an error
    • Solved an issue where importing few tracks would cause the Ui not to update
    • Fixed an issue where some album covers were not correctly downloaded from the internet
    • Track info for Qobuz now displays the actions menu
    • Fixed an issue that disabled the scroll when editing the player queue
    • Fixed an issue where some buttons appeared enabled incorrectly, although the action was preformed
    • Fixed an issue when changing an album cover multiples times using the same images, would show the incorrect image until refreshing the UI
    • When importing from NAS the correct colour and layout is used when selecting the share drive
    • Fixed an issue where Home page would not show album covers and all icons would be pushed to the left
    • Fixed an issue where albums with long names caused covers to be larger that usual

    InnuOS - release 2.3.2

    • Avatar
      Tiago Lopes
    • on 22-02-2023

    Bug Fixes:

    • This is a hotfix release for an issue introduced with version 2.3.0 where in very specific case, innuOS would write logs indefinitely until the system storage runs out. This would then cause innuOS to stop working properly

    InnuOS - release 2.3.1

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      Tiago Lopes
    • on 15-02-2023

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a visual glitch that prevent iPhone users from saving album changes
    • Fixed an issue where player actions where unresponsive for radio streams
    • Fixed an issue where Radio paradise presets would not play
    • Fixed an issue regarding MQA Software decoding where the decoder would covertly enable itself in some specific conditions
    • Fixed an issue where alternative album covers would not be visible

    InnuOS - release 2.3.0

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      Tiago Lopes
    • on 06-02-2023


    • We recommend refreshing your backup after the update, so it contains the latest changes to the backup format.

    New Features and Improvements

    • MQA Software decoding support
    • Added option to download purchased music from Qobuz
    • Option to disable syncing Qobuz and TIDAL with the Music Library
    • New integrated view for managing streaming services
    • Added option to play Artist Mix
    • Added option to play shuffle an Album
    • Added option to not sync purchased music from Qobuz
    • Ability to play All Top Tracks for Streaming Services
    • Added HD logo for multiformat albums with HighRes tracks
    • Player settings now save settings per DAC
    • Improved support for NAS drives with case-insensitive filesystems
    • Faster album cover and track file scanning
    • General performance and stability improvements
    • General UI and UX improvements

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed the assisted mode CD ripping issue
    • Fixed issue where backup would take longer then expected time to finish due to an issue with the thumbnail generation routine
    • Fixed an issue where a Smart Mix would neer end loading on large libraries
    • Fixed issue where loading animation would not stop when adding tracks to the Music Library in specific situations
    • Fixed issue and improved app resilience when external (Streaming Services) errors occur
    • Fixed issue that prevented the player from connecting when there was no DAC present
    • Fixed issue where server task would never end in Network players
    • Fixed issue where offline NAS drives would cause incorrect messages
    • Fixed filter persistence when returning to a results page from an Album or playlist
    • Fixed issue in the Now Playing on mobile, where track info stopped working
    • Fixed issue when returning from an unsaved home page edit
    • Fixed visual glitch where albums with long titles would be overlapped
    • Fixed issue in the streaming service login card when the streaming service was unavailable
    • Fixed issue that prevented radio from being available when streaming services produced errors
    • Fixed issue that prevented M2Tech DACs from being configured

    InnuOS - release 2.2.5

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      Tiago Lopes
    • on 14-12-2022

    New Features and Improvements

    • Improved resilience when dealing with rogue LMS configurations
    • Several under-the-hood improvements
    • Improve LMS plugin update resilience

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where migrating from old (2.1.x) versions could cause corruption in local playlists with Qobuz tracks
    • Fixed an issue where logs would not download
    • Fixed an issue where TIDAL tracks were not possible to add to local playlists
    • Fixed an issue where two "Updating Library" tasks would appear

    InnuOS - release 2.2.4

    • Avatar
      Tiago Lopes
    • on 16-11-2022

    Features Improvements

    • Optimize Streaming Services caching for improved performance
    • Improved file scanning performance
    • Improved Album covers scan performance
    • Improved album cover scanning and playlist cover generation

    Bug Fixes

    • General UI fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the UI crashed accessing M2Tech DAC settings
    • Fixed a visual issue when adding a track to a playlist
    • Fixed an issue where scrolling in the Track page, reverted back to the top
    • Fixed an issue where the favourite icon would appear in the incorrect track in some specific situation

    InnuOS - release 2.2.3

    • Avatar
      Tiago Lopes
    • on 14-10-2022

    This release re-enables the ability to access Shared Folders as well as Ripping / Import / Backup on ZEN series Music Serves running in endpoint mode.

    InnuOS - release 2.2.2

    • Avatar
      Tiago Lopes
    • on 22-09-2022

    Features Improvements

    • Added an option to revert to legacy ROON version 1.8
    • Improved home page widget editing
    • Server task responsiveness was improved while syncing from streaming services
    • In ROON mode clicking on the bottom bar now takes the user to the System Modes page
    • Improved support for USB drives using exFAT partitions
    • Improved handling of control files of Apple MacOS systems
    • In search, the source icon is always displayed so it's clear where the track is from
    • Improved SENSE responsiveness over the network
    • Improved system startup time
    • Added an entry in advanced settings to clean and compact the Music Library Database for improved performance

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where track actions would cause a return to the album list
    • Fixed an issue where TIDAL Mixes only displayed the first track
    • Fix an issue where scrolling through the track page would make the page jump to the top
    • Fixed a visual glitch where the System Mode toggle would be out of sync with the system
    • Now it's possible to correctly index folder with the @ character
    • Fixed an issue where the player queue would be off by 1 in some specific situations
    • Fixed an issue when adding albums and albums tracks from Qobuz to the Music Library would cause an incoherent behavior
    • Now it's possible to move tracks between local and TIDAL playlists
    • Fixed an issue where cancelling an USB backup would result in an apparent error to the user
    • Now Qobuz covers are correctly refreshed after disabling Offline Mode
    • Improved overall coherence of track availability when in Offline Mode
    • Fixed an issue where tracks in the queue would be displayed as available when in Offline Mode
    • Fixed an issue that switching between ROON modes would trigger a Library update

    InnuOS - release 2.2.1

    • Avatar
      Tiago Lopes
    • on 21-09-2022

    Features Improvements

    • Transferring files over the network now ignores hidden files from macOS

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the playlist page header occupied most of the screen
    • Fixed an issue where some mk2 systems do not boot properly in some specific situations
    • Fixed an issue where saving the player setting would cause the selected player to randomly change
    • Fixed an issue where logging into Qobuz after a restart would not trigger a sync
    • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

    InnuOS - release 2.2.0

    • Avatar
      Tiago Lopes
    • on 06-09-2022

    New Features and Improvements

    • Search and Edit Artist Information
    • Search New Album Data
    • On import, fetch album cover from online services if album does not have cover metadata
    • List images present in the same folder as album on Change Cover
    • Show alternative covers on an Album
    • Display PDF Booklets
    • Allow user to more easily play a single track from an album or playlist
    • Sense Standalone and Endpoint Modes
    • HQ Player Endpoint Mode
    • Faster performance editing long playlists


    • NAS shared folder does not rescan when folder name has square brackets
    • Playlist stuck on infinite spinner
    • Back button on navigation not working properly in some screens
    • Volume window does not close when clicking outside of available players box
    • Only favorited albums displayed with Favorite Filter turned OFF
    • Scroll index is wrongly shared by pages on different tabs
    • Albums on 'Appears On' page disappear in browser after getting back page focus
    • Search Results show duplicate albums
    • Changing browser window triggers player reconnecting
    • Setting a streaming album, playlists and tracks as favorite disappears after logging out and logging in
    • Factory Reset does not clear History
    • Player shows last connected player when no players are available
    • Play Anything button appears in the player even if there is no DAC
    • Play Smart Mix button is hidden when screen is smaller than 600px width
    • Playlist covers are not working properly
    • Active filters overlap albums when screen is smaller than 525px width
    • Play icon in playlists track list disappears
    • Folder View freezes and player is stuck on infinite
    • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

    InnuOS - release 2.1.1

    • Avatar
      Tiago Lopes
    • on 11-07-2022

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where TIDAL playlist only displayed 30 tracks, although the entire playlist was played
    • Fixed an issue where Qobuz tracks in the player queue were displaying the incorrect album cover
    • Fixed an issue where after the update, the new music section would not preserve the original order
    • Fixed an issue where the player, when in full screen, would stop the progress in specific conditions

    InnuOS - release 2.1.0

    • Avatar
      Tiago Lopes
    • on 21-06-2022

    New Features and Improvements

    • New TIDAL implementation and seamless integration into Music Library
    • Access to TIDAL Masters (MQA) streams (to experience the full original sample rate a compatible DAC is necessary)
    • Support for UPnP/DLNA players
    • You are now able to use multiple players simultaneously and return to your last used player
    • Albums are now able to hold tracks with different quality, allowing you to have a single album regardless of the quality of the tracks
    • You are able to use Smart Mixes to explore your music
    • You can now use Apple® Airplay® to cast audio to your Innuos server (requires manual activation)
    • We've improved the resilience of the player when playing for several hours (example: radio)
    • General technology optimizations
    • General performance optimizations


    • Fixed an issue where some web browsers displayed artifacts
    • Fixed an issue where streaming services album covers wouldn't update after the system returned to online status
    • Fixed an issue where tracks would appear available when in offline mode
    • Fixed an issue where scanning files in a NAS would not process files with special characters
    • Fixed some assorted minor visual issues
    • Fixed an issue where playing tracks from streaming services would cause some visual issues
    • Fixed an issue where a TIDAL track was not correctly removed from Music Library
    • Fixed a visual issue in Safari (Apple) devices, where the context menus, would flicker
    • Fixed an issue where track quality was displays in a incorrect format in AAC tracks


    With this release, we have reimplemented TIDAL integration and implemented some new features as well as the regular bug fixes and performance improvements

    Apple and Airplay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

    InnuoS - release 2.0.10

    • Avatar
      Tiago Lopes
    • on 22-03-2022

    InnuOS 2.0.10: Bug Fixes and UX Improvements

    • Update Roon installer address
    • Fixed as issue that randomly imposed a long boot time
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Qobuz tags from being indexed in Music Library albums filters. (Please logout and login again)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Sense App from setting screen always on

    InnuOS - release 2.0.9

    • N
      Nuno Vitorino
    • on 28-02-2022

    innuOS 2.0.9: Bug Fixes and UX Improvements

    • New Playlist Shuffle no longer leaves shuffle mode on
    • Factory Reset
    • Enabled caching of HTTPS streams on disk
    • Playback of HLS based Internet Radio
    • Support for Sense to manage different players on different app instances
    • BBC Sounds plugin can now be enabled on LMS
    • Don't add by default [WAV]/[FLAC] to the album folder when ripping
    • Improved user feedback on configuring SONOS
    • Qobuz skips track when paused for more than 5 minutes
    • No results when trying to change album covers
    • On some iOS devices album search displays a white background
    • Duplicated track entries on some albums
    • Playing Qobuz albums and playlists make the Now Playing Track cover have low resolution in some cases
    • Changing the name of an image file to cover.jpg does not update library
    • Playlist with spaces at the beginning and end of string fail to export to USB
    • Server tasks drawer flickers on Safari browser
    • Configuring Asset UPnP and Sonos hangs if Roon was not configured before
    • In some cases some Qobuz favourites are not being synchronised
    • Filters disappear in Albums page
    • Playing Radio Paradise breaks the player
    • Play a Tidal album only plays first track
    • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

    InnuOS - release 2.0.8

    • N
      Nuno Vitorino
    • on 13-11-2021

    innuOS 2.0.8: Bug Fixes and UX Improvements

    • New setting to keep Innuos Sense App awake whilst it's being used
    • Show large cover when clicking the album cover on Now Playing screen
    • Sense UI will now reconnect quickly when the app returns to the foreground
    • Album not Found when opening any Qobuz album after navigating on Qobuz for some time
    • Restart Server does not refresh back to Sense UI
    • Tidal sync does not update changes done in Tidal Website
    • Tidal page displays "Tidal Could Not Connect"
    • Uploaded Album cover not saving correctly
    • New Releases displays less albums than New Releases in Qobuz Website
    • Interface gets locked on ripping page if Assisted Ripping is started on another instance of the UI
    • Cloud track removed from Music Library in streaming service remains in library after sync
    • Radio search not handling characters like "ç"
    • Refreshing the app while playing a track, makes the track appear listed as Last Tracks in the History Page
    • When Backup runs some folder names are changed to lower case and creates duplicates
    • Updating artists through mp3tag leaves outdated artists in ML~
    • Last played tracks carousel in Home Page disappears
    • [Sense] Log download does not work
    • On search, user-created streaming playlists have option to remove and not to delete
    • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

    If you are experiencing issues with duplicated tracks after a backup, please rescan your music library on Server > Settings > Storage after the update is installed.

    InnuOS - release 2.0.7

    • N
      Nuno Vitorino
    • on 07-10-2021

    This is a bug fix release to resolve issues with the music library caused by a regression bug on version 2.0.6 as well as previous issues with Backup and Sonos.

    New Features and Improvements
    • Provide feedback to user when inserted a non-configured drive for backup
    • CD Ripping stays on finishing disc permanently
    • Music Library not updating after importing music
    • Sonos configuration not working
    • [Backup] - Backup mounts wrong partition with drive formatted in exFAT
    • [Backup] - Drive formatted in exFAT not recognisable on MacOS
    • App not identifying / getting server names when in Roon Mode
    • Move to Playlist option is missing
    • [Albums] Unable to Sort by Artist
    • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

    If you are missing recently imported music or CDs, please use the rescan option on Server > Storage > Rescan.

    InnuOS - release 2.0.6

    • N
      Nuno Vitorino
    • on 08-09-2021

    This update is planned to be available on Sept. 13th for all systems running innuOS 2.0.5.

    New Features and Improvements
    • New option to sort Albums by Title or Artist
    • Artist A-Z index now ignores prefixes
    • System no longer relies on ping to determine if it is online
    • Album cover files now support using the album title, thumb.jpg and album.jpg in addition to folder.jpg or cover.jpg
    • Removed possibility to move forward/back on track progress when on the collapsed player to prevent mis-touch when opening full player
    • Player not starting up after reboot - Player Connecting message
    • [Qobuz] - Search in Artists Page does not return results
    • [Search] Symbol '&' breaks search
    • Switch to Online after shutting down in Offline mode
    • Not able to set .wav albums as compilation in Edit Album
    • Play button in Folders page does not send tracks to queue in the correct order
    • Crash when visiting New Music tab
    • Track list not listing all tracks
    • Tracks in mp3 with average bitrate (ABR) are not displayed in the Music Library
    • Issues with playback with some Apple Lossless files
    • Other small fixes and performance improvements

    InnuOS - release 2.0.5

    • N
      Nuno Vitorino
    • on 02-08-2021

    New Features and Improvements

    • Improved performance when loading playlists from Qobuz
    • Improved performance to add queue to a playlist
    • New Issue Type (Bug, Question or Feature Request) added to Contact Support form


    • Roon Experimental Mode not working
    • Compilation Albums being split with one album per track
    • On some albums, one of the tracks shows as Unknown Artist
    • NAS Shared Folders not rescanning completely
    • Some albums are missing and/or some album covers not showing
    • Some WAV or AIFF files are not playing correctly
    • Updating Artists message does not progress
    • Creating a new playlist with My Library filter active breaks playlist covers
    • If Roon is enabled while Updating Artists is active, it gets stuck
    • App fails to add Qobuz tracks of a Qobuz playlist to a new or existing local playlist
    • Other small fixes and performance improvements


    If you are affected by the Compilations issue or missing albums and covers, please go to Server > Storage > Rescan to correct