InnuOS - release 2.0.9

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    Nuno Vitorino
  • on 28-02-2022

innuOS 2.0.9: Bug Fixes and UX Improvements

  • New Playlist Shuffle no longer leaves shuffle mode on
  • Factory Reset
  • Enabled caching of HTTPS streams on disk
  • Playback of HLS based Internet Radio
  • Support for Sense to manage different players on different app instances
  • BBC Sounds plugin can now be enabled on LMS
  • Don't add by default [WAV]/[FLAC] to the album folder when ripping
  • Improved user feedback on configuring SONOS
  • Qobuz skips track when paused for more than 5 minutes
  • No results when trying to change album covers
  • On some iOS devices album search displays a white background
  • Duplicated track entries on some albums
  • Playing Qobuz albums and playlists make the Now Playing Track cover have low resolution in some cases
  • Changing the name of an image file to cover.jpg does not update library
  • Playlist with spaces at the beginning and end of string fail to export to USB
  • Server tasks drawer flickers on Safari browser
  • Configuring Asset UPnP and Sonos hangs if Roon was not configured before
  • In some cases some Qobuz favourites are not being synchronised
  • Filters disappear in Albums page
  • Playing Radio Paradise breaks the player
  • Play a Tidal album only plays first track
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements