InnuOS - release 2.1.0

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    Tiago Lopes
  • on 21-06-2022

New Features and Improvements

  • New TIDAL implementation and seamless integration into Music Library
  • Access to TIDAL Masters (MQA) streams (to experience the full original sample rate a compatible DAC is necessary)
  • Support for UPnP/DLNA players
  • You are now able to use multiple players simultaneously and return to your last used player
  • Albums are now able to hold tracks with different quality, allowing you to have a single album regardless of the quality of the tracks
  • You are able to use Smart Mixes to explore your music
  • You can now use Apple┬« Airplay┬« to cast audio to your Innuos server (requires manual activation)
  • We've improved the resilience of the player when playing for several hours (example: radio)
  • General technology optimizations
  • General performance optimizations


  • Fixed an issue where some web browsers displayed artifacts
  • Fixed an issue where streaming services album covers wouldn't update after the system returned to online status
  • Fixed an issue where tracks would appear available when in offline mode
  • Fixed an issue where scanning files in a NAS would not process files with special characters
  • Fixed some assorted minor visual issues
  • Fixed an issue where playing tracks from streaming services would cause some visual issues
  • Fixed an issue where a TIDAL track was not correctly removed from Music Library
  • Fixed a visual issue in Safari (Apple) devices, where the context menus, would flicker
  • Fixed an issue where track quality was displays in a incorrect format in AAC tracks


With this release, we have reimplemented TIDAL integration and implemented some new features as well as the regular bug fixes and performance improvements

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