InnuOS - release 2.2.0

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    Tiago Lopes
  • on 06-09-2022

New Features and Improvements

  • Search and Edit Artist Information
  • Search New Album Data
  • On import, fetch album cover from online services if album does not have cover metadata
  • List images present in the same folder as album on Change Cover
  • Show alternative covers on an Album
  • Display PDF Booklets
  • Allow user to more easily play a single track from an album or playlist
  • Sense Standalone and Endpoint Modes
  • HQ Player Endpoint Mode
  • Faster performance editing long playlists


  • NAS shared folder does not rescan when folder name has square brackets
  • Playlist stuck on infinite spinner
  • Back button on navigation not working properly in some screens
  • Volume window does not close when clicking outside of available players box
  • Only favorited albums displayed with Favorite Filter turned OFF
  • Scroll index is wrongly shared by pages on different tabs
  • Albums on 'Appears On' page disappear in browser after getting back page focus
  • Search Results show duplicate albums
  • Changing browser window triggers player reconnecting
  • Setting a streaming album, playlists and tracks as favorite disappears after logging out and logging in
  • Factory Reset does not clear History
  • Player shows last connected player when no players are available
  • Play Anything button appears in the player even if there is no DAC
  • Play Smart Mix button is hidden when screen is smaller than 600px width
  • Playlist covers are not working properly
  • Active filters overlap albums when screen is smaller than 525px width
  • Play icon in playlists track list disappears
  • Folder View freezes and player is stuck on infinite
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements