InnuOS - release 2.2.2

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    Tiago Lopes
  • on 22-09-2022

Features Improvements

  • Added an option to revert to legacy ROON version 1.8
  • Improved home page widget editing
  • Server task responsiveness was improved while syncing from streaming services
  • In ROON mode clicking on the bottom bar now takes the user to the System Modes page
  • Improved support for USB drives using exFAT partitions
  • Improved handling of control files of Apple MacOS systems
  • In search, the source icon is always displayed so it's clear where the track is from
  • Improved SENSE responsiveness over the network
  • Improved system startup time
  • Added an entry in advanced settings to clean and compact the Music Library Database for improved performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where track actions would cause a return to the album list
  • Fixed an issue where TIDAL Mixes only displayed the first track
  • Fix an issue where scrolling through the track page would make the page jump to the top
  • Fixed a visual glitch where the System Mode toggle would be out of sync with the system
  • Now it's possible to correctly index folder with the @ character
  • Fixed an issue where the player queue would be off by 1 in some specific situations
  • Fixed an issue when adding albums and albums tracks from Qobuz to the Music Library would cause an incoherent behavior
  • Now it's possible to move tracks between local and TIDAL playlists
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling an USB backup would result in an apparent error to the user
  • Now Qobuz covers are correctly refreshed after disabling Offline Mode
  • Improved overall coherence of track availability when in Offline Mode
  • Fixed an issue where tracks in the queue would be displayed as available when in Offline Mode
  • Fixed an issue that switching between ROON modes would trigger a Library update