InnuOS - release 2.4.0

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    Tiago Lopes
  • on 15-05-2023

New Features and Improvements

  • You now have HIGHRESAUDIO streaming service integration
  • You now can multi select Albums to play a mix, add to queue, play next, add to playlist, set as compilation and set as multiformat
  • You can now filter Albums by compilation
  • Albums can now be split
  • Albums can now be sorted by added date and album date
  • Artists can now be merged using the multi select option
  • An Artist can now be renamed
  • Artists now have filters for improved navigation
  • You now have information about the MQA capabilities of the DAC in the audio settings
  • When a new DAC is connected the MQA setting is automatically selected according to the DAC capabilities
  • Background tasks now resume after a reboot instead of restarting the task

Bug Fixes:

  • Now asset UPnP won't be automatically enabled after an update
  • Fixed an issue where Albums cards did not have the correct spacing in card view
  • Fixed an issue where changing an Album cover in CD ripping assisted mode, would not save the cover in the track files
  • Fixed and issue where tracks spacing in the track list was largen that ussual
  • Fixed an issue where the storage buttons had an incorrect layout
  • Fixed an issue where the UPnP profile selector ad an incorrect layout
  • Fixed an issue where flac files with null characters in the track number metadata, didn't show any track number
  • MQA tracks in a NAS drive can now be correctly played
  • Fixed an issue where and alum in ALAC format, can now be set as compilation
  • Fixed an issue where some Qobuz tracks display the incorrect quality
  • Fixed an issue where the DAC name could overflow the UI container
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting a DAC would cause some action to crash the UI
  • Fixed an issue where the navigating between Artist pages would nor reset the scroll to top
  • Fixed an issue where in mobile, the filter checkboxes where cropped
  • Fixed an issue where returning from an object in the 'My Collection' section would loose scroll position
  • Fixed an issue where playing playlists with missing tracks would also skip viable tracks
  • Fixed an issue that caused Auto Select not to work in PULSE systems
  • Fixed an issue where playlists with missing tracks from old TIDAL implementation, would cause the cause a fetch information cycle to never end
  • Fixed an issue where scrubbing TIDAL AAC tracks would cause them to restart
  • Fixed an issue where a server task would cause the entire page to shift left
  • Fixed an issue where after a factory reset, the system would not play AAC tracks