InnuOS - release 2.5.0

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    Stephen Healy
  • on 16-10-2023

innuOS v2.5.0 introduces some new features for Import/Export Playlists and Backup. Playback and UX Improvements.

Features & Improvements:

  • Now supports 32bit floating-point encoded WAV files
  • Export Playlists, including links to Qobuz and TIDAL tracks
  • Import Playlists, including name, description, files and links to streaming services
  • New UI for Backup / Restore
  • Independently choose between restoring the Music Library Database, Music Library files or both
  • Restore now supports migration to a new system model (Ex: from a ZENmini to a ZENith or a PULSE to a ZEN)
  • Qobuz album booklets are now displayed if available
  • 'Play Smart Mix' now available from a filtered Artists list.
  • Now supports connecting USB drives in Roon Mode to allow Roon Library backups
  • Automatically close keyboard on mobile devices when using Search

Bug fixes:

  • Tracks from CDs ripped in WAV don't have metadata on file (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Resyncing Qobuz can cause several duplicates (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Some Purchased tracks/albums on Qobuz are not able to be played (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Some WAV files are not recognised or not displaying sample rate / total time (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • When editing Artist, Get Info from web doesn't get the changed artist name
  • Allow for backups with case collisions on the same folder
  • The app becomes unresponsive after changing the album title and applying an online cover
  • Missing the 'Play Smart Mix' button in album page
  • Incorrect alphabetical order in 'play folder'
  • It is not possible to remove Tidal tracks when logged out of Tidal
  • Qobuz - Not rendering accented characters correctly
  • AIFF in High Resolution in 48KHz multiples cannot be edited
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvement