InnuOS - release 2.6.0

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    Stephen Healy
  • on 31-01-2024

New Streaming Services, Multi-language Support, New NAS and USB features

Features and Improvements

Added Deezer streaming service
Added support for TIDAL Max (May require to logout and login from TIDAL)
Added (beta) support for French, German, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
Added support for multiple NAS Shared Folders
Optimised Rescanning on NAS Shared Folders
Optimised Album opening time when stored on NAS
Navigate folders and play music from connected USB drives
Added native support for 32bit WAV files encoded in floating point
Added native support for WAV and AIFF files with sampling rates higher than 384 kHz
Improved A-Z Index navigation slider for Albums and Artists
Fine adjustment of sound volume using + / - buttons
Customise the layout of Music View
Improved UI for Now Playing screen
Improved Album saving time after editing
Qobuz album's edition/version is now shown when available

Bug Fixes

Fixed playback issues with WAV and AIFF files
Fixed a problem that made it impossible to restore from a backup created before version 2.5.0
Improved folder navigation and search responsiveness
Fixed an issue where opening an album in Artist page and going back would take you to the top of the page
Fixed an issue when changing the System from Roon Core to Innuos Standalone that caused the local library to become inaccessible.
Fixed an issue that made impossible to merge tags that had more than 1000 tracks
Fixed TIDAL login in SENSE mobile app
Fixed an issue that prevented some Qobuz purchased tracks to be played
Fixed an issue where some tracks from Qobuz would show greyed out
General performance improvements and fixes