InnuOS - release 2.0.7

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    Nuno Vitorino
  • on 07-10-2021

This is a bug fix release to resolve issues with the music library caused by a regression bug on version 2.0.6 as well as previous issues with Backup and Sonos.

New Features and Improvements
  • Provide feedback to user when inserted a non-configured drive for backup
  • CD Ripping stays on finishing disc permanently
  • Music Library not updating after importing music
  • Sonos configuration not working
  • [Backup] - Backup mounts wrong partition with drive formatted in exFAT
  • [Backup] - Drive formatted in exFAT not recognisable on MacOS
  • App not identifying / getting server names when in Roon Mode
  • Move to Playlist option is missing
  • [Albums] Unable to Sort by Artist
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

If you are missing recently imported music or CDs, please use the rescan option on Server > Storage > Rescan.