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Jakob Bogenberger

Finding my Qobuz favorites is not working well enough. First it is the last and not the first option if I look at Qobuz and it is only accessible alphabetical. If I use Qobuz website the favorites are accessible chronological so If I discover some new album I want listen to I just put it in favorites and it is the first one listed when I have time to listen to it. But it is impossible to find with Innuos 2.0 if I don't know the exact title


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Stephen Healy

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Artapong Porndhiti

I totally agree and just added another request for the ability to have the most recently added album to be displayed first



What I am asking also over a year! The favorites are useless with sense, if not listed as in the app chronological! Please!!!!!!



I agree with this one very much. Qobuz already has a Date Added attribute for favourites, allowing them to be sorted as such. I understand from them that will also be soon adding a Release Date attribute. Both would be very welcome to those who focus on recent releases.



100% true! Fav albums are really useless, when no option for different view is available!

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This import date order request, for Qobuz and across library in general, is now spread across three different feedback requests. Could the three be amalgamated, please?


Giovanni Boncompagni

I agree… especially for already added album, because after installing the 2.0 version the “new music” section was completely random update… so I’ve “lost” many of recent added album in Qobuz favorites section, very difficult to remind all of them.


Nuno Vitorino

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