Play, Shuffle or Create Playlists from Search Results


You can shuffle what's in your queue, or in a playlist, but in my opinion it's difficult to get what you want in your queue or playlist in the first place.
The ability to either play direct from search results, or to bulk add to your queue or create a playlist (from search results) would be useful. i.e.
(1) To be able to play or shuffle all tracks for a single artist
(2) To be able to play or shuffle all tracks of a certain genre
(3) To be able to play or shuffle all albums based on artist or genre
So could see a feature that allows search -> add all to queue (or save as playlist) -> then play or shuffle or alternatively just a 'play or shuffle all results direct from search' option. (useful across albums, artists or tracks or search)

Note: separating this out from the feature:
innuos.upvoty.com/b/feature-requests/song-mix-or-shuffle/ as this seems to be more focused on general shuffling / automated or algorithm based shuffling which is different to this request


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This is related to the request to be able to select several tracks to ad in bulk to a playlist: from search results, it would be great to then pick and chose a number of tracks and then create a playlist from the selected results


Nuno Vitorino

Certainly an interesting one to check!


Nuno Vitorino

Status changed to: Under review