Export Innuos Sense Playlists to Qobuz


I would like the ability to export the playlists I’ve created in the Innuos Sense app to my Qobuz app so that I can listen to the same playlists I’ve created away from my home. It would also be good to do the opposite and export the playlists I’ve created in Qobuz back into the Innuos Sense app. This would be massively beneficial


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@Nuno - would be great to understand the proposed solution for this?
It's similar to this request I raised - feedback.innuos.com/b/feature-requests/expose-playlists-to-sonos-upnp-1/
I currently sync playlists across different services using soundiiz. If there is a format that can be exposed / exportable, then soundiz or something similar can be used to create / sync those playlists to other services for on the go listening i.e. Tidal / Qobuz / Apple Music / Amazon or Deezer.
(loving the new UPnP integration by the way - being able to play direct to Sonus is great)


Nuno Vitorino

Status changed to: Planned


Nuno Vitorino

Status changed to: Under review